Zoom and Student Safety Online

It goes without saying the Internet has changed the way we all work, live, and learn. Students, especially, are empowered more than ever to create, explore, and connect with each other in this vast and ever-changing environment.  DECS teachers have provided many of the tools necessary for students to not only learn but to become a part of the online, digital community. However, some apps such as Zoom, open possibilities to students which can break the boundaries of Internet safety if not properly monitored.

Although the Zoom video conferencing program is very secure in how it transmits data over the Internet, DECS does not have a way to monitor your student’s usage of the app while they are not participating in their distance learning classes.  As a parent, please be aware that your student could engage in video chats with other DECS students during these off-hours.

Please note: DECS and Zoom DO NOT provide access to student account information such as names or logins to anyone outside of the Duluth Edison Charter Schools network.  In other words, it is not possible for a stranger or third-party to obtain your student’s email address and invite them to participate in a Zoom video chat.

Right now, with the limited amount of social contact we are all experiencing, it is vitally important that your student maintains friendships and does not feel isolated.  DECS fully understands the important role technology plays in all of our lives in this regard.  By carefully monitoring your student’s off-time Internet usage, you can help smooth the transition from classroom to livingroom learning, and help to foster good digital citizenship in these uncertain times.