Traditional School Program for Grades 6-8

Our traditional middle school program is based on our mission and vision of academic and personal excellence for every student. We have a strong core of standards-based instruction in language arts, math, social studies, and science, and a vibrant specialist program featuring art, music, outdoor science, physical education, Spanish language and culture, community service learning, and academic intervention programming. Grading is based on standards, with projects and assessments showing student mastery along with soft skills of work completion, respect, and collaboration. Students have two specialist classes each day, which allows them to explore their strengths and get support in areas where they need a boost. Students are also a member of a homebase, a smaller advisory group with the same teacher throughout their middle school years to provide regular communication and advocacy for families, social-emotional learning and core value instruction, team-building, and a sense of community. Student days also include time outside on our beautiful 270-acre campus and elective clubs for students to connect over shared interests and explore new skills.