Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS)


The mission of our MTSS program is to assure that we are meeting our school mission of “academic and personal excellence for every student.” We use a tiered system to help ensure this occurs. We want to be meeting the academic needs of at least 80 percent of our students through our core learning programs. Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions are offered to students who need additional support to move toward grade level math and reading skills or who need support in the area of student behavior. To that end, our MTSS teams collect a variety of data — student achievement, attendance, behavior concerns — and look at the needs of the whole child.

Oversight of this MTSS program is provided by the Raleigh Dean of Students and the North Star Academy Directors. Teams that include the Head of School, Dean of Students, Principal, Academy Director, literacy and math specialists, social worker and representatives from special education department, meet weekly to look at student data and discuss student needs.

View an online presentation about MTSS.

Some of the key features of our MTSS framework include:

Universal screening. Screening of all students using several assessments including MCA scores, MAP testing, and DIBELS reading assessment.

Data management and progress monitoring. We maintain a database of assessment scores for all students to monitor progress and hold monthly meetings with teachers to discuss student achievement.

Tiered interventions. We use a 3-tier approach (core instruction, small group instruction and 1 on 1 instruction) for working with students, depending on their need.

Literacy blocks. All of our students receive 70-80 minutes of language arts instruction daily.

Reading and Math Intervention Specialists. We have Reading and Math Intervention Specialists at each building who work with students in small groups or 1 on 1. They also support students during the literacy block or language arts class.

Behavior Interventions. We have Behavior Interventionists who work with students in a daily check in/check out program or small group instruction based on individual student needs.

Enhanced MTSS Program Offers More Support for Our Students

Our math, behavior and Junior Academy reading interventionist programs are funded through the Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS) program. Our K-5 reading interventions are funded through Title I funds.

Book Club

In grades K-5 students who are reading below grade level participate in Leveled Literacy Instruction (LLI) program. This research based program accelerates students in their reading.

Our Junior Academy interventionist offers a book club for sixth through eighth graders reading below level as one of their specialist options. Research based interventions designed to meet the individual students’ needs are carried out during this time.

At all grade levels, interventionists also “push into” the classroom during language arts instruction and assist below level students.

Math Intervention

Our math interventionists are utilizing the program, “Number Worlds”, which complements our K-5 EveryDay Math program offering additional assistance for students in their areas of need. Math Club is offered to qualified students in grades K-8.

Behavior Intervention

Support to help students be more thoughtful about appropriate behaviors are offered through our student support specialists. The “Check-In, Check-Out” program provides regular opportunities for students to consult with adults throughout their day to stay on track. “Soar for Success,” a well know program for assisting students in developing empathy, anger management, and problem solving is another component of this area.

2015-16 Intervention Results

Many of our students showed great growth in their intervention programs in 2015-16. Click on the link below to learn more.