DECS offers 2 levels of Knowledge Bowl Teams: a 6th grade team and a 7th/8th grade team.

In Knowledge Bowl, students compete in teams of 6 to answer questions on a wide variety of topics. There is a written round and 3 oral rounds to a meet. In the written round, the team works together to answer 45 questions. In the oral rounds teams are asked 45 questions with teams trying to be the first team to “buzz” in with the correct answer. Points are awarded for correct answers and teams are ranked according to the number of correct answers.

DECS Knowledge Bowl teams compete in the Northeast Region with meets being held at the Northeast Service Cooperative in Mt. Iron, MN. There about 50 teams in the region. A goal each year is to qualify for the Regional Meet in mid-November. This meet is for the top 24 teams in the region. If you are interested in Knowledge Bowl, please consider giving it a try. It is a ton of fun! Registration meetings are held prior to the start of each season for students.

Please read the 2022-23 DECS Knowledge Bowl Parent Letter for more information.