2021-2022 North Star Volleyball Schedule


Hello Families! 

The 2021 Volleyball season is fast approaching! Your child will learn the basics of passing, setting, hitting and serving in practices and be able to utilize the skills developed in games throughout the season.  Volleyball at North Star Academy can be a fun and challenging experience for your child to participate in, while further developing their volleyball skills. It is also a great opportunity for players to develop their teamwork skills, take pride in themselves, their team, and their school.

We are again anticipating a high interest in the volleyball team based on our numbers from past years, so we are only offering positions for 7th and 8th grade players.  We want to ensure all team members receive enough playing time.  If necessary each grade will have two teams that will split games to ensure that there is enough playing time for everyone. 

Practice Days/Times:

It is expected that students who participate will attend regular practices and games. If a student has to miss a practice or game, a note, email or conversation must happen before the absence is excused. Practices will be held Monday through Thursday in the gym from 4:15-5:45. Our first practice will be held Tuesday, September 7th.  Parents will need to pick up students no later than 6 p.m. in front of the bus doors.  Our games will start in September and go through October. A game schedule will be provided once our season starts. We will provide transportation to away games, with the exception of a few local games which will require students to be picked up from the game location.  These games will be indicated on the season schedule.

Each athlete will need a sports physical and an Athletic Waiver Form to participate. Forms can be found online at www.duluthedison.org under the Extra Curricular tab and JA Sports.   These forms will also be available in the Junior Academy office.  Students must have all paperwork complete and turned in before they can participate in games.


Players will be responsible for their own knee pads, should they choose to wear them.  Uniform shirts will be provided for the team and will need to be returned at the end of the season. Students will need to provide either navy or black shorts and at least fingertip length when hands are held at side. Students will not be able to practice or play if they are not wearing appropriate footwear.  Flip Flops, Crocs, and sandals are not allowed. 

Grade/Behavior Expectations:

Volleyball is an extracurricular activity, so students are expected to keep their grades up. If a student has any failing grades, they will not be allowed to participate until the grade is improved. We will do grade checks the day before every game i.e. grade check on a Monday for a Tuesday game.  Minor and Major referrals will be taken into consideration, and may affect playing time.  This will be worked out on a situational basis between the coaches and the Dean of Students.


Fees for each player will be $140 to cover costs associated with programming. If a family receives reduced lunch, the cost is $25.  For families that receive free lunch, the cost is free.  Failure to return the uniform at the end of the season will be a $50 fee that will be billed to you.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to making this season a success.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.



Toni Gotz


Angie Zahn




Parent: Please complete & return this form to the school office.

I, __________________________, give permission for my child ___________________                

                (Parent Name)                                                                          (Student Name)

to participate in __________________________________ at Duluth Edison Charter 


School Northstar during the ____________________school year.                   


My signature evidences that I accept general liability for the participation of my child in the activity, club, or sport identified above and that I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Duluth Edison Charter School, its teachers, its sponsors, its governing board, and other participating agents, either jointly or severally, from and against any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, costs, or causes of action that may arise in connection with this activity, club, or sport.

If my child is participating in a sports or athletic activity my signature evidences that  I understand that each participating student must have a sports physical from a licensed physician on file with the nurse before the first practice of the first sport played each school year. This physical is valid for all sports played during the school year.

My signature also evidences that I agree, in the event of a medical emergency, to allow my child to be treated by medical personnel.

__________________________________________                        ______________

        (Parent Signature)                                                                            (Date)

Parent/Guardian Contact Info: Parents and guardians, please provide an email address and phone number which the coaches may use to contact you.

Parent/Guardian Email:______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian phone:________________________________  Cell or Home (circle one)

Students must have no F’s and no more than two D’s to participate. Students must have a completed and signed permission slip and sports physical (if applicable) before they will be permitted to participate in the above activity, club, or sport. Students without permission slips (and sports physicals, if applicable) will not be allowed to participate.