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Established December 2017

PURPOSE:  The DECS Hall of Fame seeks to honor community members, retired staff members and/or former students who exemplify the standards of Duluth Edison Charter School and who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the following ways:

 Distinguished Service to Duluth Edison Charter Schools:  An individual chosen in this category demonstrates loyalty to the mission of the School, continued interest and support of the goals of the School, and reflects the School’s core values by his/her lifestyle.

—  Distinguished Professional Achievement:  An individual chosen for this award demonstrates leadership, competence, dedication to continuing education and integrity in his/her chosen profession.

— Distinguished Service to Humankind:   An individual chosen for this award demonstrate leadership abilities in service to the community and/or society at large through notable contributions that reflect one or more our core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, justice, courage,  integrity, hope and/or wisdom.

NOTE:  All awards do not need to be presented each year.  No more than 5 individuals will be honored in one year.

SELECTION:  A selection committee made up of at least but not limited to the Head of School and his/her designee, one DPSA Board member, one DECS Legacy Fund board member, and two DECS teachers will select inductees for the Hall of Fame.  This group will be appointed annually in November/December  by the DPSA Board Chair.  The Board Chair will also name the selection committee chair.

PROCEDURE:  The  procedure and nomination form for DECS Hall of Fame will be published on the school web site, on school Facebook accounts and in other communication sent by the School during January/February.  

According to the criteria stated above, anyone may submit a completed nomination for consideration.  Self nominations will not be accepted.  Posthumous nominations will be accepted.

The nomination form can be downloaded HERE, or from the menu at the left.

The selection committee will meet in March and review all nominations to make the annual selections.  Nominees will be honored in the spring timeframe (April – June)  Nominations will be kept on file and reconsidered for the next two years.  After three years, a candidate must be re-nominated for consideration.

INDUCTION:  Inductees will be introduced to the school community during a special ceremony in the spring as determined by each year’s selection committee.  At the induction ceremony, he/she will be presented with a distinctive award.

DISPLAY:  A display that identifies the inductee and their achievements will be placed in an appropriate location at each school.