Journeys Reading Program

Journeys Reading Program

Journeys is a reading program designed to meet the diverse needs of all students by using a balanced literacy approach. Students will progressively learn and develop different skills related to phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension.

Balanced literacy is an approach in which teachers support each reader’s development. The teacher will utilize materials from the program that allow for differentiation, whole group or small group instruction. The teacher can support the student which leads to the ultimate goal of independent reading.

Some of the reading terms you may hear from our Journeys program include:

  • Read aloud – the teacher reads to the students exposing them to various types of literature and develop reading strategies.
  • Emotional and Personal
  • Shared reading – children participate in reading with the teacher and classmates and learn critical concepts of how print works.
  • Guided reading – students are reading independently at their instructional level while discussion is facilitated by the teacher.
  • Independent reading (Primary teachers – discuss the use of decodable books within your classroom)


Through this balanced literacy approach the teachers will be evaluating students in several ways.

  • Observation
  • Running Records
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Weekly Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Tests
  • Cold Reads
  • Unit Tests
  • Benchmark Tests
  • Map Testing

The balanced literacy philosophy is an effective way to help children improve their skills one step at a time. The better your child learns to read, the more successful they will be in years to come.

Embedded opportunities to challenge students:

  • Unit Project
  • Big Idea/Essential Questions
  • Advanced Leveled Readers
  • Small Group section has Advanced level instruction/activities for each lesson
  • Grab and Go – – has weekly challenge practice in it
  • Work Stations include a Challenge Yourself
  • Technology – WriteSmart, Destination Reading
  • Each lesson has a connect & extend
  • Each lesson has Making Connections – the advanced students should be able to do all
  • Multiple writing opportunities each week that can be used to extend students
  • At Grades 3 – 5 there are the advanced novels – – if this is a K – 5 adoption they could take the magazine from the next grade level and use it (so for example Grade 4 could use the Grade 5 magazine, etc)
  • In Grades 3 – 5 there is a Weekly Internet Challenge
  • My Journey Home (Parent Component) has a Challenge Activity, Book Links, Internet Challenge
  • Spelling lesson has 5 Challenge words for each week