Rewarding Music Program

Rewarding Music Program

Music Appreciation

In the DECS music program, students build upon the foundations they have already acquired in their K-5 years and are given a choice of band, choir or music appreciation courses. In music appreciation, students are introduced to an array of musical experiences and receive exposure to interesting topics in musical theory and history.


Those who choose to participate in band play in a grade level band and take part in a weekly group lesson. Practice and performance are essential to band education. Theory and skills are key components to the band program. The DECS after-school jazz band allows students to make music an exciting extracurricular choice, and to further their musical talents!


Junior academy choir focuses on group singing, development of the adolescent changing singing voice, education in music literacy skills, and developing an appreciation for the communicative abilities of music. Class time is spent rehearsing and studying a variety of units to be knowledgeable singers: i.e.; pitch, rhythm, vocabulary, symbols, vocal production, and techniques.