Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes

Getting Placed into Advanced Classes

Student placement into advanced math and language arts classes at DECS are the result of a combination of factors. These include teacher recommendations, along with scores on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and other assessments. Other factors include previous grades and academic work.

Parents and guardians are welcome to request that their child be considered for the advanced language arts course and advanced math.

The Approach to Advanced Language Arts

Advanced language arts focus on enhancing students’ learning through classic literature. They are encouraged to read, study and analyze challenging texts. Students’ skills for interpreting texts are vital to the program. Quarterly book projects allow students to use a variety of reporting methods and to share book information. These include: book journals, classic book essays, PowerPoint and other visual presentations, and drama presentations.

Advanced Math for Higher Learning

Advanced math at DECS is set up so that advanced eighth grade students take Intermediate Algebra. With this accomplished, students entering into high school are able to start right into Geometry. Students who successfully complete Intermediate Algebra receive high school credit for this class. We use the Prentice Hall curriculum which is also used in the local school district math program.