Congratulations to our Golden Feather Award Honorees

2021 Golden Feather Awards

Each spring, the DPSA Board invites families to nominate DECS staff members they feel exemplify our core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, justice, wisdom, integrity, hope, and courage, in their day to day work in our school.  Please check out the video below to learn a bit more about each staff member.    This year’s honorees include:

— Ella Brown, first grade teacher, Raleigh

— Sam Grey, Junior Academy choir director, North Star 

— Jamie Halverson, district distance learning teacher, first grade 

—  Lisa Harold, district distance learning teacher, fifth grade

—  Scott Johanik, fifth grade teacher, North Star 

— Erin Lindgren, first grade teacher, North Star 

— Cory Netland, music teacher, North Star 

— Tammy Rackliffe, K-5 Principal, North Star

—  Katie Ruhland, STEAM teacher, Raleigh 

—  Molly Steede, second grade teacher, Raleigh

— Rachel Skillings, kindergarten teacher, Raleigh

—  Shanna Thiede, kindergarten teacher, North Star


You can learn more about each honoree by watching the link below: