DECS Start of the Year Program Model

If your family has signed up for distance learning you will receive information on who your child’s teacher is by the end of day Monday, August 31.

Students in grades K-5 who wish to attend in person will be divided into a Group A and a Group B.  This will allow us to meet the health and safety standard of students six feet apart when in their classroom.  Each group will attend two days a week and do distance learning three days a week.

Students in grades 6-8 will move to distance learning with support. This means NO in person Wednesday classes.  The vast majority of students will do all distance learning.  “With support” means:

–  All special education students’ IEPs will be reviewed by IEP teams to ensure students’ needs are being met. Parents/guardians are part of this team. With questions on this you can reach out to Nicole Kedrowski, our assistant special education coordinator at or call her at (218) 728-9556, ext.3345.

—  All students 504 plans will be reviewed to make any needed distance learning accommodations. With questions about this you can reach out to Dr. Jennifer Fuchs, Principal, at or call her at (218) 728-9556, ext.5017

—  If your student is not on an IEP or 504 plan but you have particular concerns about their needs in a distance learning model we want to work with you to meet those needs.  Please reach out to our Junior Academy Dean of Students, or call him at (218) 728-9556, ext. 5313 and we will work with you to address these needs.