Phy Ed Specialist Resources

Hello Students!

This is an information page for K-5 Physical Education classes.  All of your classes can be accessed through Google Classroom.  Please contact your PE teacher if you are unable to access the Google Classroom.

If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact us via Zoom or e-mail.  We will be available during our office hours and by appointment.  Our goal is for this to be a fun and engaging time for your student.  We want to encourage daily exercise for our students.


  • Each teacher has a weekly schedule that can be accessed through Google Classroom.
  • Students should complete the daily activities to the best of their ability.
  • Students should complete a daily EXIT TICKET and submit it through Google Classroom.


Click HERE for Virtual Field Day Information!


This Week’s PE Schedules

GradeTeacherApril 27th - May 1
K - 2ndMr. LewisWeek 6 Schedule
K - 2ndMr. AndersonK-2 Schedule
3rd - 5thMr. Anderson3-5 Schedule
3rdMs. NorthupWeek 6 Schedule
4th - 5thMr. SchmidtWeek 6 Activities