K – 2 Specialist Resources

Students have access to their specialist class assignments via Seesaw. When students open their seesaw account it will automatically default to their grade level classroom. In the top left corner there is a gray box with their name in it. Click on it and they will see their “specialist” classroom.  This area will host their specialist assignments for Art, Music, and Physical Education. Each lesson has its own video instruction that students may complete during the week at a time convenient to them. Students should complete Quaver Music lessons in the order that they are assigned.


K – 2 Specialist Standards

The following are the essential standards that our specialists have chosen to drive lesson development.

Minnesota Music Standards 

Kindergarten Change selected musical sounds using teacher feedback Make a musical choice while singing, playing instruments, or moving to explore the effects of musical elements. Identify which of two contrasting musical selections is preferred, and tell why. Sing or play instruments using a familiar song that you have learned.


First Grade Change selected musical ideas using teacher feedback. Follow the teacher to start, stop and stay together throughout an established musical form. Identify differences between two contrasting musical selections. Identify  an emotion experienced when singing, playing instruments or listening to music.


Second Grade Change selected rhythmic or melodic patterns using feedback from others. Perform music with and for others, using technical accuracy and expression. Apply personal preferences in evaluation when listening to music. Identify a part of a musical selection that connects with you personally.