3 -5 Specialist Resources

Hello Students and Families!

Welcome to your 3-5 specialist classes.  This year, 3-5th grades will have music, art and Spanish as their specialists, and your teachers are Mr. Netland (music), Mrs. Fitzpatrick (art) and Ms. Christiansen (spanish).  Each teacher has their own separate Seesaw or Google Classroom.  These classes are not optional or opt-in/opt-out.

Our goal for you is that specialist classes are fun and rewarding.  We are creating lessons so you can have a place in your day to play, create and express yourself. Classroom teachers have designated time daily to work on our classes, and assignments should be able to be completed within that time frame throughout the week. Lessons can be completed at your own pace, as long as they are completed by the due date.

If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact us via Zoom or e-mail.  We will be available during our scheduled specialist time zoom help sessions from 1-2 daily (see individual links below), and can also be reached by email.

We look forward to learning and playing with you!

Mr. Netland, Mrs. Fitz, and Ms. Christiansen



Cory Netland
Zoom Live Music Daily from 1-2
Monday: 3rd Grade
Tuesday: 4th Grade
Wednesday: 5th Grade
Thursday: Office Hour
Friday: Office Hour

Activities in Music are structured around the Minnesota Music Standards in the areas of Foundations, Create, Perform, Respond, and Connect. Activities include singing, playing instruments, moving, listening, composing, etc. Due to the unique learning models of 2020-21, the Music Department has provided music making kits for students to use as tools at home during lessons if needed.


  • Students are welcome to participate in my weekly Live Music session (see schedule above). On Thursdays and Fridays, I will hold a normal Office Hour for general help. This is NOT required.
  • Students should complete activities by the Due Date, otherwise they risk falling behind as we move forward. Activities are typically assigned on Monday and DUE that following Friday.
  • Music Challenges are provided for students who would like another activity to do that is not required. These can be completed as many times as the student would like and there is no assignment attached to these activities.
  • Read instructions carefully, as all expectations for the activities are provided there.



Amy Fitzpatrick amy.fitzpatrick@duluthedison.com
Zoom Help Session Daily from 1-2


Projects and assignments in art are structured around the Minnesota Visual Arts Standards in the areas of create, respond, present and connect.  There will be a variety of assignments including hands on activities and art responses.  Due to the unique learning models of 2020-21, hands on projects will allow choices based on available resources and materials.  *PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME IF YOUR FAMILY NEEDS ART SUPPLIES.  I can put together a kit and have it delivered to you.  Please watch email in the coming weeks regarding art supply kits for ALL (delayed due to backorders.)


  • Lessons will be assigned weekly (usually on a Monday) and will alternate between a hands-on activity and an art response.  Students will have two full weeks to complete each activity, due on a Friday.
  • Students should make sure they are paying close attention to the directions, attaching photos of artwork as needed to assignments, and filling in art responses completely.
  • Students should reach out for help when needed, either by coming to the art zoom help session or sending an email to amy.fitzpatrick@duluthedison.com.



Sherry Christiansen sherry.christiansen@duluthedison.com
Zoom Help Session Daily from 1-2

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” – Flora Lewis

North Star Academy’s Elementary Spanish program offers its students a focus on the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language Teaching standards in communication and culture.  We have weekly required assignments where students are asked to practice interpersonal responses about themselves,  interpret compelling story-based input and/or present information in Spanish through creation of characters, setting, action and details in a highly scaffolded environment.   We also relish the opportunity to open up minds to a world of cultural practices and products through songs, dances and documentaries.

Assignments include instructional videos students must watch in order to know the expectations as well as increase their exposure to spoken and written Spanish language.  Repeated viewing of videos is encouraged as needed.

Students are expected to spend at least 20 minutes weekly on Choice Board activities.  Although Choice Boards will be updated bi-monthly, there will be at least three options that may be done multiple times.

For graded assignments and assessments, the goal is to get a 3.  Students are always welcome to retry anything for a better score.