Meet the Hanson Family!

We asked parents, Lon and Erica Hanson, why they chose the Duluth Edison Charter Schools for their children and what they love most about the education their children receive.

“We had wanted a school where our kids could develop as people not just as statistics. A place where they could play and learn simultaneously. Duluth Edison has offered this and a whole lot more. Small class sizes, dedicated academy space, multiple specialists each day, play-based learning, early foreign language exposure and the enthusiasm of the teachers were all huge pluses for us.

We credit Duluth Edison with personal growth and understanding of community, kindness, compassion, and respect our children have shown time and time again. These are core values that have been demonstrated and taught by the staff at Edison. This shows the value of not just academic excellence for the staff but also the importance of making these children good world citizens.

On an academic level, our son has struggled with reading but through reading intervention has grown exponentially in his skill and confidence. Where he once fought us to read, he is now asking to read before bed with a flashlight. We know our children’s education and general well-being are taken care of at Edison.”

Thank you to the Hanson family for sharing their story! If you would like to share why your family loves DECS, send a photo and a short paragraph about your family’s experience to Head of Schools, Bonnie Jorgenson at