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K-5 Distance Learning Information and Resource Page

Please check back often as information may be updated daily.

General Information

Our teachers have been working hard preparing to deliver the best possible education to students in a new distance learning format. We understand that every family’s situation is different, so we have developed 3 main methods for students and families to engage in distance learning.

Model 1

For students/families who will be able to access technology and distance learning during the day, we have a daily schedule of learning opportunities. Students can engage with the various activities at the posted times. This schedule represents a combination of teacher prepared videos, resources, lessons and activities that students could access at any time, and also the opportunity to interact with their teacher in live video teaching sessions.

Model 2

If students/families are not able to participate in distance learning throughout the day, lessons, assignments, and activities will be posted to classroom’s distance learning platforms, and students will be able to access these at any time. Teachers will be able to correspond with students regarding assignments and progress through electronic communication.

Model 3

For students/families who do not have access to our digital tools/platforms, teachers are working to develop plans for getting students similar lessons, assignments, and activities that do not require a device or internet connection.


To help teachers with planning, further information about each model will be included in a survey. We ask that families please complete this survey so teachers have an idea of who will be participating in which ways. Please click HERE to complete survey.




Below are the GENERAL daily schedules for K-5 at North Star and Raleigh.  Teachers will email families mid-week to provide a specific schedule for their classrooms.

Each day students will participate in:

  • Morning Meeting – Students will be meeting as a class to begin their day. During this time teachers will be going through announcements, schedule for the day, 2nd Step lessons, and activities.
  • Physical Education – The Phy-Ed teachers will be utilizing multiple platforms for instruction during this time.
  • Specialists – Through all other specialists (Art, Music, Spanish, Outdoor Science and STEAM) students will participate in a project based opportunity led by the specialist teachers.
  • Academic Time – This will be the core academic time (math, reading, science, social studies) for students. This will be with classroom teachers.
  • Office Hours / Small Groups / Individual Work – During this time teachers will have the opportunity to work in small groups with students, as well as, individually.
  • Closing Circle / Community Service – Teachers will let students and families know how this will work in each classroom.


If your child is in a reading or math intervention, the intervention teacher will contact the student and/or family to set up a time this will occur.

IMPORTANT:  If your child is in an intervention the specialist time is OPTIONAL.



Our teachers will be using the following distance learning tools to educate our students:

  • Seesaw – Will be used with our primary students. Seesaw will be the main method for sharing lessons, assignments, and activities.
  • Google Classroom – Will be used for our 3rd – 5th graders. Through Google Classroom, teachers will be able to post announcements, share lessons, hand out assignments, assign quizzes, and communicate with students.
  • Zoom – Online meeting platform. Teachers will be able to meet with individual and small groups of students to do face to face teaching and learning.



We will be sharing resources for students and parents to help with how to access and use our distance learning tools.  More information about these tools and resources will be shared later this week. For starters, check out our link to Google Classroom and Seesaw information for parents.

Google Classroom for Parents                                          Seesaw Info for Families


Please understand that the Distance Learning model is a work in progress, and we ask you to continue to be patient and flexible as we work out some of the challenges.  We look forward to continuing to support our families and students in these challenging times.


We will have spring break and no classes the week of April 6-10.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Tammy Rackliffe, Principal
North Star K-5

Steve Ondrus, Academy Director
Raleigh K-5

DECS Technical Support: esupport@duluthedison.com