DECS Legacy Fundraiser Needs Your Help

On Thursday, August 29th, and Friday, August 30th, North Star students will be bringing home information on our annual fundraiser for the DECS Legacy Fund.  This fund supplies grants to our teachers for a variety of items like field trips, additional books, materials for our outdoor education program and flexible furniture.

The envelope includes directions on how to set up online ordering in addition to providing materials for collecting orders and funds in person with parent/guardian approval.  Funds raised by fourth and fifth graders go toward their Wolf Ridge trip. The balance of funds will be used by the DECS Legacy fund for grants to teachers.

Club’s Choice has an amazing product selection that will ensure that you and your supporters will love the products offered for sale. These products include home decor, holiday products, food items and more.  Checks for the fundraiser should be made payable to DECS Legacy Fund.

In the past, families have asked about making a donation to the DECS Legacy Fund instead of participating in the fundraiser.  If this is a choice you’d like to make, the average amount a student raises through their selling of items is around $20.

Contact with any questions.