2018-19 Golden Feather Awards!

Each spring, the DPSA Board invites families to nominate DECS staff members they feel exemplify our core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, justice, wisdom, integrity, hope and courage, in their day to day work in our school.

This year DECS is proud to honor:

Tim Cincoski, Junior Academy history teacher

Steve Dontje, elementary paraprofessional at North Star

Marty Emeott, elementary social worker

Scott Ewen, Junior Academy math teacher

Scott Johanik, fifth grade teacher at North Star

Jill Miner, office manager at Raleigh

Jen Ondrus, first grade teacher at Raleigh

Val Petersen, second grade teacher and special education teacher at North Star

Rachel Skillings, kindergarten teacher at Raleigh

Deb Stricker, second grade teacher at North Star

Congratulations to our Golden Feather Award Honorees!

Pictured L-R: Deb Stricker, Steve Dontje, Marty Emeott, Val Petersen, Scott Ewen, Tim Cincoski, Scott Johanik, Jill Miner, Jen Ondrus, Rachel Skillings