Duluth Krakens Kompete

Our Jr. Academy Robotics team, The Duluth Krakens, had a fantastic tournament this past weekend.  They were in Burnsville, MN for a Regional Competition.  The team’s robot performed magnificently after a mad scramble at school on Saturday to get one of the systems rebuilt and reinforced.  The Krakens were selected to go to the alliance finals and were on the #2 seeded team. They won their semifinal match in an exciting three match set with the robot running flawlessly.  This earned the team a trip to the finals! Unfortunately the team ran into some really good competition and lost two close matches to come in second place.

All in all it was an outstanding season for this group of 7th and 8th graders who compete in a high school level robotics program.  They took home two awards: The Connect Award for their work reaching out to the engineering and programming community to learn more about how to better their skills and to see how  what they are doing will translate into a future job if they continue down the STEM path. They also won an award for Alliance Finalist Runner Up with each student getting a medal as well for making it to the finals.  

A HUGE thank you to our incredible volunteer coaches/mentors Scott Deasy and Dan Johnston.  These guys put in many many hours helping the team get their robot ready for the competitions.   

Also an equally HUGE thank you to our wonderful sponsors for this season.  Without their financial support, this team could not do what they do.