Beginning and End of Day Info

We are excited to welcome your student to our first day of school on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 . Here is some general guidance about beginning and end of day at our building. We appreciate your patience in these first days as we all learn or relearn our procedures.

Please note: All traffic around our building is one way.

Mornings at North Star

Kids Club opens at 6:30 am . Parents may drop off their students (please go in the building and sign them in) until 8:00 am at the south entrance off the cafeteria — the first entrance you will see. Then drive around the building, exiting on the north side.

Buses will drop off beginning at 8:10 am on the south side of the building and exit on the north side.

Parent drop off is on the north side (playground side) of the building. The upper circle entrance is for grades 3-8. The lower circle entrance (the entrance closest to Technology Drive) is for grades K-2. If you have students in both groups, drop them off at the entrance closest to Technology Drive. Note: If your students are end of day parent pick up, this is also where you will receive them.

Morning Arrival Information

To accommodate family needs, and ensure all students are safely supervised in our building in the morning, we are requesting the following related to students who are driven to school in the mornings. This procedure will begin on our first day of school, Tuesday, August 29, 2017 .

  1. If at all possible, please drop your student off at 8:20 am or later on the playground side of the building. If your student eats breakfast at school they may arrive at 8:10 am. Note — breakfast is free for all kindergarten students. School begins at 8:35 am.
  2. If this is not possible, we have the following options:

GRADES K-5 (Primary and Elementary Academy)

  • Any students dropped off before 8:00 am need to be in our Kids Club program. This program is in our cafeteria. Information on how to register for this program was included in the summer packet you received. Registration information is also available at , go to “Programs”, then “Kids Club” and then “enrollment form.” There is a fee for Kids Club participation. If this presents a financial hardship for you, please contact Tammy Rackliffe, Primary Academy Director, at 218-728-9556, ext. 5233 or
  • If you must drop your student off between 8:00-8:20 am , please drop them on the playground side. They should come to the library in our second floor mezzanine area and we will have supervision for them there. They should not go to their classrooms. Students who eat breakfast will be dismissed at 8:10 am for breakfast.

GRADES 6-8 (Junior Academy)

  • No student should be dropped off at school prior to 7:00 am. We will offer a drop in/study room for grades 6-8 from 7:00 am until dismissal for breakfast at 8:10 am. This is Room 305 on the third floor of our building. ALL grades 6-8 students are expected to go directly to this room upon arrival to school. We will have a supervisor in this drop in/study room. Students will be allowed to visit with each other, read, play appropriate games on their devices, study and have access to Chromebooks. At 8:10 am our breakfast program begins and students will be dismissed.

Any JA families with questions about this morning program should contact Steve Lindberg, Dean of Students at or (218) 728-9556, ext. 5001.

From 9:00 am to 3:45 pm

ALL parent pick up and drop off is located at the lower circle entrance (the entrance closest to Technology Drive) on the primary end of the building. This is for ALL students grades K-8.

End of Day at North Star

This is a very busy time and your cooperation is appreciated. Please follow the directions of our traffic director on Technology Drive. He is doing all he can to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic.

Parent pick up: Pick up is in the same area as drop off. The upper circle entrance is for grades 3-8. The lower circle entrance (the entrance closest to Technology Drive with the smaller playground) is for grades K-2. We ask that you please not arrive at the school for pick up before 3:45 pm . For grades K-5, pull into the circle area and display your pick up number. We will bring students to you. For grades 6-8, your student will walk out to your vehicle on their own once you pull into the circle area.

Please DO NOT park in the designated bus lane or block the outer lane around the building. Stay in the inner lane.

Kids Club: Kids Club students meet in the cafeteria. Younger students will be escorted to that area by an adult supervisor. We ask that when you pick your child up from Kids Club, you park, come in and sign the student out with Kids Club staff. When picking your student up after 4:30 pm , you may park on the south entrance of the cafeteria near the bus lane.

Buses: Students in grades K-5 will assemble for their buses under staff direction. In the first days of school, we will utilize labels to assure students are placed on the correct bus. Junior academy students (grades 6-8) will be allowed to leave on their own when bus and parent pick up calls are made.
In the first days of school, we take particular care to ensure that all of our students are on the correct bus. This generally results in a later arrival home then will be the norm for your student. If buses are running late, a message is put on the school phone.

Eagle’s Nest: Our free after school program for grades 5-8 begins on the first day of school. To participate students must have submitted a registration form. You can find the form on our district web site by going to “Programs”, then “Eagle’s Nest”. Contact for this program is Sam Werle at 218-728-9556, ext. 5316.

Your cooperation with these procedures is greatly appreciated. Our first days of school are dedicated to all of us learning the routines and procedures — sometimes resulting in a longer time period than the norm. However, when everyone cooperates, we can exit over 1,000 students from our building in approximately 30 minutes. Please let me know of any questions or concerns.